Hoopla is your friend this summer!

As schools are starting to come to an end, families are starting to plan for summer road trips. As they visit the library, remember to remind all patrons about the wonderful selection of Audiobooks that Hoopla has to offer. For families looking for family-friendly audios that everyone will enjoy, there is a great list that they have put together.


Here are a few of my favorites!



Gabi Bolland – Robinson Library

Happy Health Hunting!

So we all worry about our health – yes, even patrons! Consumer Health Complete is one of the health databases that as an ACLA library your patrons can use to learn more about their health concerns. Consumer Health Complete has reports, images, diagrams, news, magazines and even videos.


You know that you can trust the information that your patrons are receiving from Consumer Health Complete because this database complies with HONcode standards (which honestly should make you feel so much better than watching your patrons googling their health problems).


Consumer Health Complete also allows your patrons access to both medical dictionaries and encyclopedias. There are even guides to both prescription and nonprescription drugs so patrons are better informed about their well being in as many areas as possible.


Consumer Health complete does offer an advance search feature that is easy to use for those interested in narrowing their medical searches.


Now that you know more about Consumer Health Complete you can better assist your patrons when they are trying to better understand their health concerns!

Happy Healthy Hunting!


Northland Public Library

Research at Your Fingertips

Around this time, kids are getting ready to finish up the school year and turn in final papers and projects.  When students come in for help with research and you don’t have what they need on hand, refer them to our databases, especially Gale’s Opposing Viewpoints in Context.


This database is great for research.  It is an authoritative resource that uses over 300 primary source documents.  Source citations are provided in lots of styles that can be saved, downloaded, emailed, shared via social media and more.   Its user-friendly interface makes it really easy to search and browse.

This database is unique in that it allows students to explore topics from all perspectives.  It offers pro and con essays for current topics and is great for debaters.

Besides articles, Opposing Viewpoints in Context incorporates news and a variety of multimedia, including images, audio/video files and NPR podcasts.   This variety encourages students to evaluate content in diverse formats and media.

Opposing Viewpoints includes interactive maps.  Images can be downloaded in PNG, JPEG, PDF and SVG Sector formats.  CSV data can also be downloaded.  Statistics and charts providing empirical data are also available and easily accessible.  Source citations are provided for everything.

Students can also access Gale’s Research Toolkit: Help with Research and Reports for High School Students.  This site offers various tips and worksheets to help students judge information, choose a topic, make an outline and more.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context is a very rich, easy-to-use database.  Don’t hesitate to recommend it to your patrons – they will love it!

PS – You can access a You Tube video of recent staff training right here on the Virtual Lexicon that will show you how to use library databases and downloadables.

Lisa DeLucia, Upper St. Clair Library


Get a sneak peak–RBdigital app!

You’ve asked for it! It’s almost here! Patrons will be able to access BOTH OneClickdigital and Zinio through a single app–RBdigital!


Recorded Books previously offered audiobooks and eBooks through the OneClickdigital app, while offering magazines through the popular Zinio for Libraries service. The new RBdigital app increases accessibility for patrons by housing all of these products in a single app, and this single app also increases discoverability by exposing users to all the formats available for their favorite titles and areas of interest.

In addition to simple (but eye-catching) improvements like onscreen menus, personal checkout history, and font and color-scheme enhancements, RBdigital also boasts upgrades such as the ability to search for eBook and audiobook content within the app (one of the most popular new features) and a new wishlist option (perfect for planning listening/reading schedules).

For a sneak peek at the new app, click the link below to register for a webinar hosted by Library Journal on May 11, 2017 at 2:00.


Our patrons are going to love this simplified link to RBdigital products!

Karen S.

Promoting Collections with NoveList Plus

Summer Reading programs are fast approaching!  I know all of us are anticipating displays and activities that highlight our collections and encourage our library patrons to discover great titles, both fiction and nonfiction.

NovelList Plus is a fabulous resource for staff and public alike.  Although it is perfect for developing reading lists and printing out those long lists of books in series, as well as finding read-alikes, it’s a great website to encourage library users to discover new titles for themselves.

NovelList Plus has some ready-made flyers and bookmarks that can be adapted quite easily.  Let your patrons in on this great resource!

You can go to http://support.ebscohost.com/promotion/ to look for flyers such as these to encourage your patrons to explore NovelList Plus for themselves.

Lynne Schneider

NEW Guide to County Downloadable & Streaming Resources

The Digital Resources committee has created a brand new guide to County Downloadable & Streaming Resources.  You can bookmark this PDF file here. 

Or you can find it on the home page of the Virtual Lexicon Blog and also on the Training Resources Page.

This handout has a quick overview of all of the Downloadable and Streaming Resources, including checkout information, checkout duration, how to create an account and more.

The guide will be updated when information about a resources changes.  Once the document is changed to reflect the most current information available, it will be updated on the blog.

Feel free to print this handout out for patrons or other staff members as an overview of the amazing resources available to patrons with a library card.

And don’t forget, the Digital Resources Committee will be sponsoring three more Electronic Resource trainings throughout the year.  The list of upcoming trainings can be found here.  The next training will be Tuesday, May 9 @ 9:30 am @ Upper St. Clair Library.  And remember if you can’t make it in person, each session will offer a webinar component! Register today!

  • Pam – Baldwin Borough Public Library

Rediscover Your Childhood with Hoopla

So often I hear from our community that one of the reasons they love using the library is because they get to share the love of reading with their own children and grandchildren. Many times I have had a parent comment that they found a book in the library that was one of their own childhood favorites or they come looking for a specific book that shaped their young lives. It’s wonderful when we can connect those users with the story they seek…and even better when they share it with a young child today.

But with Hoopla, those nostalgic adults can rediscover so much more than books from their childhood! With a pleothra of movies and television shows, adults and children can go down a library rabbit hole discovering old pop culture hits!

As a child of the 1980s and a teen of the 1990s, I can’t help but share some of my favorites with you!

inspector gadgetInspector Gadget, Seasons 1 and 2 (and holiday specials)

This zany and bumbling detective was a favorite of mine when I was younger. Many Saturday mornings were spent in front of the television watching the Inspector try to solve the week’s case…but it was wicked smart Penny, his niece, who always stole the show.


DuckTailsDuckTales:  The Movie and Music

The ever-popular DuckTales is getting a reboot in 2017 that will debut on the Disney HD channel. But before you get hooked on the new version, why not relive the DuckTale glory days? Hoopla offers the DuckTales movie and music from the (amazing) DuckTales video game.


Super MarioThe Super Mario Super Show!

Sometimes the shows we watched as children weren’t actually good. And that is definitely the case with The Super Mario Super Show! Featuring a forgettable rap intro, Lou Albano, AND animation this show isn’t an award-winner. But we watched it while eating snacks after school nonetheless. Hoopla has a variety of the Super Mario-inspired television shows…and they all make for great nostalgic (and hilarious) weekend viewing.

Using Hoopla to gain access to these forgotten gems is a must! So often the shows and movies we enjoyed from childhood are lost and are hard-to-find on payable and on demand streaming services. But they are never forgotten at the library…and it’s much better to find them here than to dig through the dusty collection of VHS tapes in your parents’ basement.