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Now available – eMagazines on OverDrive!

Take a look at our new eMagazine collection on OverDrive! Checkouts are simple – just like checking out an eBook or eAudioBook, and magazines are always available so there is never a wait to read the latest issue!

overdrive mags

OD Magazine - Black EnterpriseOD Magazine - Black Enterprise Borrow2OD Magazine - Black Enterprise Borrow3

Below are a few tips to share with patrons:

  • Since we our subscription just started, we only have the most recent issues available. As new issues are released, they will be added to our collection.
  • All eMagazines are always available.
  • Patrons can check out as many eMagazines as they would like, and eMagazine checkouts do not count towards a patron’s checkout limit of 20 titles at a time.
  • While eMagazines are not renewable, there are no holds so eMagazines are always available.
  • After downloading an eMagazine, patrons can keep them until the due date just like other OverDrive content. As with eBooks and eAudiobooks, eMagazines remain checked out to a patron until the patron either manually returns it or the loan period expires.

Please email me with questions.

~ Hilary Lewis, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh


PowerSearch & The Economist

One of the state resources is PowerSearch, which enables one-stop searching of many Gale databases.  It shows results from magazines, news sources, academic journals, and more.

L PowerSearch

While searching for slightly varied terms can yield wildly different results, it is nice to be able to start in one place.  Don’t hesitate to tweak your search terms repeatedly.

One publication that is indexed is The Economist.  While it’s certainly not a graphic-friendly browsing experience, it is one way to read articles, now that RB Digital is going away as a County resource.  Currently, neither Flipster or OverDrive offer The Economist.


Articles from The Economist can also be found in Gale’s General OneFile and Infotrac Newsstand.

L General OneFile     L InfoTrac Newsstand

In any of these Gale databases, on the main screen, under the search box is a button for Publication Search.  (Alternately, you can choose the Advanced Search icon, then choose the Publication Search tab).  Within Publication Search, you can click the link to show a list of All publications in that database or just type your targeted name in the search box.  With just a few more clicks, you will be at a list of issues, then a list of articles.


Christy, Carnegie Library of McKeesport

Get Informed with GREENR!


Do you wish you knew more about what is going on with the fires in California? Well now thanks to the PA POWER Library we have a great resource to help us! GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources) is one of the new databases brought to us by the state. GREENR has news, background information, video, primary source documents, and statistics on energy systems, healthcare, climate change, and economic development (just to name a few).


GREENR grants your patrons the ability to browse interdisciplinary research from 15 different fields of study all in one sitting. Your patrons can simply choose to watch the Featured Video right on the main page or search for a specific case study on greenhouse gas emissions.

GREENR Case Studies

My favorite aspect from GREENR is the interactive map on the home page. You can choose an area of the world and take a look at some quick facts about that area’s environment. You can learn things like the ecological footprint, number of threatened species, and emissions of Co2 for example. For academic purposes though I highly recommend searching through the academic journals and news offered on the main page.

GREENR Journals 2


Keep both yourself and your patrons informed with GREENR from Gale!

~ Adrianne Krings, Northland Public Library

Reminder: RBDigital Access Ends on November 30!

Our current subscription to RBDigital expires on November 30, 2018. After this date, we will no longer have access to RBDigital eMagazines or eAudioBooks.

For eAudiobooks, see what eAudiobooks we have on OverDrive and Hoopla (Hoopla titles are always available – no wait ever!)

For eMagazines, check out our Flipster collection. Tons of titles with easy access on a desktop computer or mobile device (download the free Flipster app from your app store) and coming soon eMagazines on OverDrive!

Please email Hilary Lewis Lackner with any questions or concerns.

Become a Flipster Expert

With our subscription to RBDigital ending on November 30, patrons will likely have questions about accessing digital magazines through Flipster.

Now is the time to become better acquainted with Flipster by reviewing this handy LibGuide that Ebsco has created:

You’ll learn how to use the app on different mobile devices, how to read magazines on the desktop version, system requirements, and more.

You can also download free Flipster marketing materials here.

Good luck!


Halloween hoopla


In the next few days as patrons are scrambling for last minute scaresrlj_rut764700_270, remind them of the wide range of horror films ALWAYS available on hoopla!

Horror categories include (but not limited to) Satanic, Slashers, Vampires and even Comedic.

Classics such as Children of the Corn, You’re Next, Hellraiser, Scream, Scary Movie, and Plan 9 From Outer Space are waiting to terrify your patrons!


Hoopla also has seasonal music: Adults, Parties, and Movie Soundtracks.

Listen to the Theme from Halloween if you want scary ambience or Monster Mash for the little kids!

Whether you are looking for fright or fun, hoopla has something for everyone this Halloween!

Rob Kalchthaler / Bethel Park Public Library

What Better Time to Find A Grave 🎃👻

‘Tis the season to introduce your patrons to! (Oooh, so spooky!) It’s like the wikipedia of cemeteries, and a truly awesome resource for genealogy research! is essentially a communal catalog of grave sites from across the world – where users document the names, dates, locations, photographs, etc. of burial plots, which they upload and share.  It’s amazing how many cemeteries and burial locations have been documented by avid genealogists/researches/cemetery enthusiasts in the area – 168 in Allegheny County alone!

Find A Grave - Allegheny County

It’s equally surprising how many small and unmarked cemeteries are documented. I discovered this small, family burial ground in my hometown of Coraopolis, PA (in Allegheny County), which has only 6 plots.  Driving past, you’d never know it was there!


Find A Grave_Ferree Cemetery

This is a great resource to share with your library patrons that are interested in genealogy!

Richelle Klug,
Sewickley Public Library